You Are Cordially Invited To Slick Rick's 8th Annual Birthday Celebration



Slick Rick's 8th annual birthday celebration hits Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday, January 20th. If you've been to The Ruler's past birthday bashes then you know you're already in for a huge surprise! In case you missed last year's fete, relive what went down HERE

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Slick Rick Talks Turning Points With Crack Magazine

BANNER2 As he prepares for his first ever UK tour, Crack Magazine caught with Slick Rick aka "The Ruler" discuss the peaks and troughs of his dramatic career. Check out an excerpt below:

1999: Release of Critically Acclaimed, Commercially Successful Album The Art Of Storytelling We made that up in a quiet area and we had enough time to do our thing nice and slow and calm. It was a great feeling to work with guys like OutKast and Nas. These guys were the icons of the game at that time. Their name gave your light to their audience and the younger generation. Being sampled by Snoop Dogg and everybody also helps keep your name alive. Shout out to all the vets that helped out.

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Slick Rick Remembers Muhammad Ali With The Associated Press

52634978-e1427858474477Muhammad Ali was not a rapper, but to many of the genre's best lyricists, he was influential in paving the way for hip-hop stars to succeed and had a lasting impact on the art form. Slick Rick shared his memory of the late athlete with The Associated Press. See excerpt below: "Without question, Muhammed Ali's rhymes were the beginnings of rap music. Along with his tremendous athletic talent, he provided all of us with an image of strength, intelligence, self-assurance, and an in-your-face confidence that one could only admire. To me, Muhammed Ali was a rare unique gem — no additives, no preservatives. All walks of life could feel Ali's passion with everything that he touched."

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