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You Are Cordially Invited To Slick Rick's 8th Annual Birthday Celebration



Slick Rick's 8th annual birthday celebration hits Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday, January 20th. If you've been to The Ruler's past birthday bashes then you know you're already in for a huge surprise! In case you missed last year's fete, relive what went down HERE

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Slick Rick's "Victory Celebration" at Brooklyn Bowl 1/20

15823686_10154039088876286_1476696629708116869_n It's that time again! The Ruler requests your presence at his annual birthday bash at Brooklyn Bowl on Friday,  January 20th.

This year's celebration, entitled "American-Brit Victory Celebration" marks his victory after fighting a 23-year battle for U.S. citizenship.

Last year, Hip-Hop heavyweights Raekwon, Fabolous, Dana Dane, Large Professor, Peter Gunz, Aquil Davidson of "Wreckx-N-Effect" and Parrish Smith of EPMD were all in attendance at the sold out show!  One can only wonder what surprises The Ruler has under his sleeves this year!

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Slick Rick Celebrates His Birthday In A Royal Way At Brooklyn Bowl!

SR_onstage Hip Hop Heavyweights Raekwon, Brooklyn’s own Fabolous, Aqil Davidson from “Wreckx-N-Effect”, Dana Dane, Large Professor, Peter Gunz and Parrish Smith of EPMD are all in attendance for this year's festivities.

Another moment in time occurred this past weekend as music veteran Slick Rick The Ruler kicked off his 51st birthday celebration with a stellar performance at his annual Brooklyn Bowl bash. The man behind timeless classics such as“Children’s Story”, “Hey Young World”, and “Mona Lisa”, to name a few, manages to maintain his presence amongst his present day peers. Over the years, fellow hip-hop elite such as Nas and Q-Tip have honored MC Ricky D during his birthday soirees and this year was another epic evening as the man of the hour, dressed to the nines, draped in his signature larger-than-life jewelry and blinged out eye patch, ran through his classics and received “so much love”, as Rick would say, from a sold out crowd.

Amongst his team, who he lovingly calls Team Eye Patch, he was joined by his wife Mandy Aragones-Walters, his back-up singers, the Rickettes, and some well-respected lyricists. He brought out indie-artist Dynas, who Ricky recently dropped a verse on his buzzing single "Who U?" and during special segment of Ricky's 60 minute set dubbed “Old School VS New School”, Rick’s DJ and Musical Director DJ Kaos brought out some special surprise performances. The packed house were on their feet as rappers Aqil Davidson from the New Jack Swing group “Wreckx-N-Effect” performed their hit single “Rump Shaker”; Queens’ own Large Professor continued pumping the crowd with his performance of ”Looking At The Front Door”; Bronx-bred rapper and reality star Peter Gunz performed his smash single “Uptown Baby”; one half of EPMD, Parrish Smith, rocked the crowd with his performance of “Rampage” and The Chef Raekwon concluded the segment with his performance of the classic jam “C.R.E.A.M”.

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After Ricky’s closing performance of “Children’s Story”, his childhood friend and partner on Kangol Crew, Dana Dane, brought out an extraordinary cake -designed by BCakeNY- alongside Scoob Lover AKA Johnny Famous.


Wrapping up the evening, Brooklyn rapper Fabolous surprised Ricky Walters and welcomed him to his hometown borough. Fab expressed his admiration for the Ruler and the influence Ricky has had on his career.