You Are Cordially Invited To Slick Rick's 8th Annual Birthday Celebration



Slick Rick's 8th annual birthday celebration hits Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday, January 20th. If you've been to The Ruler's past birthday bashes then you know you're already in for a huge surprise! In case you missed last year's fete, relive what went down HERE

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Slick Rick's "Victory Celebration" at Brooklyn Bowl 1/20

15823686_10154039088876286_1476696629708116869_n It's that time again! The Ruler requests your presence at his annual birthday bash at Brooklyn Bowl on Friday,  January 20th.

This year's celebration, entitled "American-Brit Victory Celebration" marks his victory after fighting a 23-year battle for U.S. citizenship.

Last year, Hip-Hop heavyweights Raekwon, Fabolous, Dana Dane, Large Professor, Peter Gunz, Aquil Davidson of "Wreckx-N-Effect" and Parrish Smith of EPMD were all in attendance at the sold out show!  One can only wonder what surprises The Ruler has under his sleeves this year!

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Happy Birthday Slick Rick!

24-editors-picks-2015-01-09-bp01_z Today marks the 51st birthday of The Ruler aka Slick Rick! premiered a video tribute that DJ Dirty Harry together which features over 20 artists paying homepage to The Ruler, which include JAY Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G., and Nicki Minaj.

"I've listened to Slick Rick since 'La Di Da Di' and for me, it's second nature to pick up his sample or references in artists tracks," Harry says. "Rick's music is timeless and putting this together was effortless." And Slick Rick is certainly feeling the love. "I am grateful and honored by the impact I have had on artists across the various generations and different genres of music," he says.

Slick Rick will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow (Jan. 15th) at Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, NY. Enter to win tickets courtesy of Complex HERE or purchase tickets HERE.