Slick Rick Spreads Holiday Cheer at Riker's Island

Slick Rick at Riker’s Island It was a very emotional day for the party of seven that accompanied Ricky Walters, better known by his peers as MC Ricky D or Slick Rick, to Riker’s Island - one of the countries largest and most notorious jail systems located in the borough of Queens, NY. For Ricky, this day was more than just Christmas Eve. He opted out of spending time with his family in the Bronx to spend time with the inmates housed in the C-76 building of the Island, the same building Rick was housed in when he was an inmate. Walking the hallways of the building, he was greeted by the excited officers, staff members and those calling Riker’s their home for a period of time. “I’ve made mistakes in my life that have cost me a lot. I have spent time away from my family during the holidays and although I cannot take that back, I hope the inmates can learn from my mistakes."

**Prisoners faces have been obscured to protect their identity**