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Slick Rick Chats With The Guardian

slick-rick-head-down-black-and-white Ricky Walters is famous – notorious, even – for several reasons. There is his reputation as one of the finest-ever MCs from hip-hop’s golden age. The Guardian caught up with the "Golden Era" MC ahead of his UK "Coming Home Tour". Check out an excerpt below:

“I think what I brought to hip-hop was a visual, storybook-type of a style, like reading a children’s book, but in rap form,” he notes, referring to a US musical whose own fame has grown in the week since this interview. “Or like the Broadway play Hamilton, bringing American history to the theatre in rhyme form.”

Read the interview HERE.

Slick Rick Makes Special Guest Appearance On Dynas New Single "Who U?"


Grammy-nominated rap legend Slick Rick makes a special guest appearance on Miami emcee Dynas’ latest single, “Who U?,” whose video premiered today on The whimsical, animated clip also features producer Tony Galvin, best known for his work with T.I., Young Jeezy and Snoop Dogg.

Ahead of today’s rollout, Dynas and Galvin released “What Up?,” a dedication to producer J. Dilla. The pair’s collaborative album, Big & Tall, releases next month on AVX Records.


"Who U?" is a mashup of boom-bap and dancehall, toasting to “Rick The Ruler” and Dynas’ Jamaican roots. Its rapped story fits perfectly within Rick’s canon of respected recordings. Beloved for his sense of humor and smooth lyrical flow, the hip-hop pioneer begins this tale at the gym “workin’ off the belly.” Trading conversational verses with Dynas, “rude-bwoy” hijinks ensues as an adventure-filled day progresses.

The last Slick Rick collabo was 2009's "Auditorium," from  Mos Def's The Ecstatic album, dubbed "a hip-hop goodwill ambassador tour" by

Purchase the single "Who U?" on Apple Music HERE.

Watch "Who U?" below...