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Slick Rick Talks Fashion With NiceKicks.com

slick-rick-h2NiceKicks.com caught up with The Ruler aka Slick Rick to chat about trends in Hip-Hop, his signature style, fashionable peers and more. Check out an excerpt below: Nice Kicks: When it comes to hip-hop, who would you consider your most fashionable peers over the years?

Slick Rick: I give it to Busta Rhymes because he was very creative and energetic and Missy Elliott because of her showmanship with the style. Wu Tang Clan of course because they got that whole Brooklyn/Clark Wallabee thing going on. And then Harlem, give Puffy and his clique their props. Early Puffy days when he first came out with the fur coats and jewelry. See, Harlem was really known for the jewelry and the furs. Brooklyn was known for the Clarks Wallabees and the slacks. Bronx was known for the b-boy adidas and PUMAs. Queens the same — dudes in sweatshirts, adidas and Lee jeans so they kept it moving like that. Then Brooklyn and Manhattan took it to another level, so I give Puffy and his team due props, too.


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Slick Rick Talks Citizenship, Politics & More With Billboard

CgVnvHZWEAIxhB7 Billboard caught up with Slick Rick at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan Friday, April 15, where he was sworn in as a citizen of the United States after a 23-year legal battle. Now that he's an official U.S. citizen, Rick plans to do a little voting and a little traveling. But that's not all! He's also looking to work on new music. “I still want to break into some new stuff here and there. So when the opportunity arises, gotta dust off my shoulders, and may be able to think of a song idea here and there,” he said. “It couldn’t hurt. We can just throw it out on the Internet or with a new artist. Just for fun.”

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