The Great Adventures of "Children's Story" Cartoon Children's Book (Limited Edition) with CD & Childrens Story B/W The Moment I Feared (7 Inch) Available Now!

1490395150_c43f19a541b2af77d159af477e5b05e5 Slick Rick “The Great Adventures of…” Children’s Book is an 18-page, puffy-cover children’s book with illustrations detailing Rick’s classic cops-and-robbers -“Children’s Story”.

Just hearing the opening lines begins a sing-along that can quickly fill a room: “Once upon a time / Not long ago / When people wore pajamas / and lived life slow….” Rick’s lines from the song are re-created in visual form in an 18-page book with a puffy cover – presented like a legit children’s book, thick pages and all. From the little boy who was misled to the tense police chase, to the unsure children hearing the story from their “uncle Ricky,” this is the most unique way the story has ever been presented.

“The Great Adventures of…” includes 18 pages of original art drawn by Gilberto Aguirre Mata along with the CD of the album.

Available for purchase here!


For the Vinyl collectors we are offering a limited “Children’s Story” 45 with “The Moment I Feared” on the B-Side. This is the first time these two are available on the same 7”. The exclusive 45 includes a picture sleeve 45 with “Children’s Story” and “The Moment I Feared” (with artwork taken from the original “Children’s Story” 12-inch).

Available for purchase here!