Slick Rick Celebrates His 50th Birthday!

Cake A moment in hip-hop history occurred this past weekend as music veteran Slick Rick the Ruler kicked off his 50th birthday celebration with a memorable performance at their annual Brooklyn Bowl bash. The man behind timeless classics such as “Children’s Story”, “Hey Young World,” and “La Di Da Di” to name a few, manages to maintain his presence amongst his present day peers. Over the years, fellow hip-hop heavyweights like Missy Elliott, MC Lyte, Raekwon and Q-Tip have honored Ricky D during his birthday soirees, but for his half-century celebration, none other than Queens MC and fellow legend Nasir Jones, better known as Nas, surprised his idol on stage in front of a sold out crowd. Nas ultimately played hype man to the living legend, as Slick Rick, draped in his signature larger-than-life jewelry, ran through his classics and received “so much love”, as Rick would say, from his dedicated fans.